I'm QUITE NEW to the blog world, and a LOT nervous about doing this! After much thought and talking it over with my 2 favorite FASHION DIAVS, I'm DOING IT (like Nike!) LOL I welcome any feed back (good or bad! LOL), so feel free to do so. Thank YOU for checking out my NEW blog!

Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out my blog.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

DCA - Cobalt Blue & Leopard, RAWR! LOL 7.25.12

I know, I know! It's been a MINUTE since my last DCA OOTD. LIFE has a way of stepping in & taking over. I 'hope' to get back to my daily DCAs, thank you STILL for checking me out. Here's what I wore to work yesterday, it got RAVE reviews, esp. the 'shoes'...... :) Enjoy!

Dress – Dillards Outlet - $17.40
Tank top – Don't remember....LOL
Guess shoes – Marshalls - $25.00
Gold blue sapphire cross necklace – gifted frm my mommy
Gold hoops – one of my jillery boxes…LOL

Almost the weekend, YES! I always look forward to a couple of days off!





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  2. Great dress, Pammie and I both have that dress. She has grey and I have yellow. We love that dress it is so comfy. But we found ours a Target.
    Nickey and Pammie D
    P.S. Had to redo comment because I spelled my name wrong.

  3. Thank you sweetie!!! <3 I need to go peep out yall's dresses, esp. MY FAVE COLOR yellow. :)