I'm QUITE NEW to the blog world, and a LOT nervous about doing this! After much thought and talking it over with my 2 favorite FASHION DIAVS, I'm DOING IT (like Nike!) LOL I welcome any feed back (good or bad! LOL), so feel free to do so. Thank YOU for checking out my NEW blog!

Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out my blog.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

DCA - Red & White Florals! 5.31.12

Yes! One more day till the weekend, I'm SOOO READY! Even tho' we just had a 3-day weekend, they always seem to go by so damn quickly. LOL Anyhoo, here I am today. Check me out.

Dress - Ross - $4.99
Jacket - Dots - I think $7.00 (can't remember)
Nine West (NW) cork PTPs - NW store in Dallas
Gold double hoop earrings
Sterling silver rose pendant necklace - I think $10.00

Have a nice day! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Shopping.....JCP & Cato 5.30.12

Or should I say, as I posted on my FB page, EoTM (end of the month! LOL) shopping! LOL It was another WARM day here in Austin, BUT! I didn't feel like coming straight home, ANNNNDDDD....I saw a cute red pleated dress on-line earlier @ JCP, so I was on the hunt. NO LUCK! :( But I did find some other great stuff, then swung by Cato.....*sigh* See my goodies below.

 From Cato:

ALL 3 prs of these shoes from Cato were ON SALE for $9.99 (orig. $19.99, marked down to $14.99, then BOOM! $9.99!). I was SHOCKED they still had my size....*swoon* They were MEANT for me to buy! LOL :)

From JCP:
Worthington KL dress, saw this baby last time I was in JCP, I was NOT letting it get away this time - $30. I may even wear it backwards, cool zip-up. LOL

bailey girl KL dress - WOOT! WOOT! $11.00! I love all things crinkle, and this dress was/is SOOO pretty! I JUST may wear it tomorrow!

City Street PTPs - ON SALE, YES, for $17.00. I fell IN LOVE w/the heel on these, they look DA BOMB on, and the price made it all the more better!!! <3

Woo! 2-more days till PAYDAY, goodness! Means more shopping!!!! LOL

DCA - Chain-LINKED! LOL 5.30.12

Happy HUMPIN' Day to you! I really thought today was Tuesday....*sigh* LOL Here's ME today, check me out!


Banana Republic dress - thrifted from TDT - $5.00
Earrings - QVC
Guess PTPs - Marshalls - I think $22.00

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DCA - Pink Bow! 5.29.12

Here is my LOOK for today, check me out. :)

Moa Moa maxi dress - Plato's Closet - $10.00
RocketDog shoes - Famous Footwear - $15.00
Silver bow tie necklace - old
Cardi - old
Pink (tied in bow tie) sash belt - from another dress...LOL
Cato watch - $6.99
Silver hoops

Thanks for stopping by!

Did I say I LOVE Thrifting???? :)

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope we ALL had a GREAT Memorial Day (MD) weekend. Mine was pretty good, esp. yesterday w/ALL the MD sales, WOO! I may have gotten a late start, due to AUNT FLOW arriving, but I did get out some, in the TEXAS heat, and picked up a few things. Well, over the past couple of days...LOL Too lazy to post actual pics AGAIN (will get better!), even tho' I just put new batteries in my digi cam. *sigh*

From May 26th
3 dresses ("K & Company" blk w/lime grn/wht/peach/turq dotted KL (9.59); "La Belle" s/l brn & turq bamboo print KL ($7.57); "Ariella" s/l fuch v-neck KL ($2.92) from FTC - $21.74

From yesterday's MD sales May 28th
2 dresses (WOO! I'm DEF buying a TON of dresses for the upcoming AND ALREADY HERE HOT Summer months! LOL) ("Necessary Objects" s/l blk/dk red/fuch/lt pink/salmon diag print v-neck KL; "Ronni Nicole by Ouida" s/s blk w/wht vine & floral print China Girl long from FTC - $11.20

2 dresses ("Forever" s/s red w/embroided mid-section KL (1/2 off $9.99); "Glamour" blk s/l 5-tier upper front-to-back maxi (1/2 off $5.99), clothes for LJ from Savers - $15.70

"Bisou Bisou" strapless flame colored KL tie back dress (1/2 off $6.98), "Cato" blk/wht square print maxi skirt (1/2 off $2.98), "Curducci" s/s blk/wht/turq horiz striped clipped v-neck shirt (1/2 off $2.98), misc. things, clothes for LJ from TTS - $12.90

Wooo! Weeee! I need to SLOW my role, my apartment is ALREADY out of closet space....or maybe I have too many clothes....LOL


Friday, May 25, 2012

DCA - RED JEANS & Face Shirt! 5.25.12

Work is quiet, so I have some play time! I found these purty red jeans on Mother's Day, while out thrifting w/mom & LJ. They FIT like a glove, LOVE THEM! Check out my look.

Hands in (back) pockets - CHECK! LOL

Shirt - UGH! Some lil' boutique store here in Austin (forgot the name) - $7.00
Crazy Horse jeans - FTC - $9.59
NN rhinestone heels - $15.99
Aust. Crystal hoops
Cato watch - $6.99

I hope you have a great, SAFE, and BLESSED Memorial Day weekend!

Past few days of shopping.....

TGIF! Once again, I'm TOO effin lazy to post my most recent buys, but like last time, I will "write" about it.....LOL

From May 22nd
2 prs. earrings (red w/gold trim door knockers ($2.99); dk & lime grn w/silv trim squares($1.99), 2 silv. necklaces (BorntoShop & Heartbreaker (both were $2.99), red/orange/purp shiny beads/gold chain link belt ($3.99) from Savers - $16.18

From May 23rd
3 KL dresses ("Nicole Miller New York" s/s wht/fuch/peach/yellow horiz lined v-neck (1/2 off $3.29); "Max Studio" s/s b&w tiny triangles & squares print v-neck w/lace middle salsa hem (1/2 off $6.29); "Evan-Picone Dress" 3/4 slv lime grn w/blk circle v-neck (1/2 off $6.29), grn w/gold filigree & trim door knocker earrings (1/2 off $.99) from Salvation Army - $9.11

"AA Studio" s/s purp/blk/wht/turq diag lined faux wrap v-neck KL dress from Ross - $14.99

From yesterday May 24th
2 KL dresses ("Pinup Couture" red w/wht polka dots lacy v-neck ($4.98); "Madison Leigh" navy blue w/multi colored floral print 1-wht button v-neck (1/2 off $6.98) from TTS - $9.17

God how I love THRIFTING, and I'm getting ALL KINDS of emails from some of my thrift stores about Memorial Days sales. Ugh. Oh whoa is me! LOL

Thursday, May 24, 2012

DCA & ONE MORE DAY till 3-Day Weekend - Too Many Colors! LOL 5.24.12

Happy LATE Thursday to you! I'm LATE in posting my DCA, but here it is. Check me out.

Dress - from one of the nicer malls in Dallas from my trip there last Sept. - $9.99
Fioni wedges - PL (old)
Earrings - QVC (old)
Cato watch

Thanks for peepin' me out! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DCA - Red HOTT-ness! 5.23.12

Yes! Yes! Yes! We are HALF-way thru the week, and I'm sooooo looking forward to a 3-day weekend, yay for Memorial Day! What are you doing? I don't have anything big planned (as of yet), so we'll see. Here's my look for today. Check me out.

And after!


donutz, inc. dress - thrifted from FTC - $2.92
Gold chain link necklace - thrifted from Savers - I think $2.99
Gold chain link earrings - can't remember
Glaze black floral pumps - Melrose - $19.99

Happy Humping!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DCA - GRAPE APE! LOL 5.22.12

It's me again! LOL Wanted to get my DCA up before I got too-too busy! Check me out.

AB Studio dress - thrifted from TTS - $4.98
NN rhinestone heels - $15.99
Cato watch, CZ stud earrings

Happy Tuesday to yooouuuu!!!!

Woo! Wee! I've been shopping/thrifting like CRAZY!

Hello! Hello! Hello! Yessssss....I've been MIA again, but while I was gone, I did some shopping like nobody's business! LOL I'm too LAZY to post all the stuff I've picked up here lately, but I will 'write' about it! LOL

From May 11th:
2 color blocked (3 colors, $7.99/ea.) maxi dresses from Ross - $17.30

"Anna & Frank"  blk w/crm dots strapless KL dress ($14.00) & "Moa Moa" purple Paisley print maxi dress ($10.00) from Plato's Closet - $25.98

From May 13th:
"Crazy Horse" red jeans ($9.59), "donutz, inc." red KL dress ($2.92), "Sophia U.S.A." s/l blk/wht/crm KL dress ($6.56), and misc. stuff from Family Thrift Center (FTC) - $23.50

From May 14th:
"AB Studio" purple Paisley print KL dress ($4.98), PJs for my niece from TTS - $8.61

From May 15th:
"Margaret Frances" 3/4 slv. gray/yellow/wht oval print KL dress (1/2 off $6.98), 2 shirts ("AB Studio" s/s blk/wht circle print (1/2 off $3.98); "Tess" l/s leop print button down (1/2 off $3.98) from TTS - $8.09

From May 17th:
"Wet Seal" grn strapless maxi dress (1/2 off $5.29), "Nicole by Nicole Miller" 3/4 slv multi colored KL dress (1/2 off $10.29) from Salvation Army - $8.42

From May 19th:
"Banana Republic" 3/4 slv. blk w/crm & lt brn chainlink print KL dress ($5.00), misc. things from TDT - $12.45

ON THIS DAY, Treasure City Thrift (TCT) had one of their $.25 on bins (a few racks) FULL OF clothes sale, so mom and I dare NOT pass this UP!!! :)
"Muise" navy/wht horiz stripe KL dress; l/s navy w/wht floral print KL dress (both $5.00), s/l navy w/wht trim KL dress ($.25), "Via Vestiti" 3/4 slv. mint grn midi length dress ($.25), "Royal Robbins" yellow 3/4 button down shirt ($.25), "Michele" dk red dress pants ($.25), gray shorts ($.25), wht twisted w/blk beads belt ($.25), LOTS of misc. stuff from Treasure City Thrift (TCT) - $16.78

Told ya I had been doing some SHOPPING, mostly thrifting tho'! LOL I was OFF yesterday, or maybe I wasn't feeling it, after ALL of this! LOL

 Until next time.....

Friday, May 18, 2012

DCA & WOOT WOOT, TGIF - So Many Colors! 5.18.12

Good 'late' afternoon, I hope all is well. I'm late posting my DCA, work has been busy, but hither I is. LOL Check me out.

Dress - old
American Eagle shoes - PL (very old!)
Earrings - Can't remember
Watch - Cato - $6.99

Wishing everyone a GREAT, safe, fun, and very Blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

DCA - Gray & White Diag. Lines 5.17.12

Good morning! I'm feeling TIIED (not tired! LOL) today, but I did make it in to work. Car needed some MAJA work done, UGH! I hate being w/out my car. Anyhoo, here's me today. Check me out.

Cristinalove dress - Ross - $10.99
Cardi - old
Sash belt - thrifted
Earrings - old
Necklace - old
Fioni wedges - Payless (PL) old

One more day, I CAN MAKE IT!
Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DCA - Green Ovals 5.16.12

Woot! Woot! Happy HUMP day, thought I'd get my DCA out of the way early, I have some IMPORTANT business to tend to. Check me out.


Enfocus Studio dress - thrifted from TTS - $4.98
Rhinestone heels - NN - $15.99
Earrings - QVC

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DCA - BUBBLES! 5.15.12

Good LATE afternoon to you! I hope yall had a GREAT weekend, I sure did! I did some weekend shopping (will post pics later), thrifted a little yesterday, but! Here's what I wore to work today! Check me out.

Karin Stevens "bubble" dress - Ross - $9.99
JS PTPs - Marshalls - $22.99
Earrings - thrifted from Savers (I think) - $3.99
Watch - bday gifted
Rings - old

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

DCA & TGIF - Pink & Yella! LOL 5.11.12

Yes! We are finally to Friday!!! And the way I'm dressed is getting quite a few compliments. I saw this look on another blogger, so here's MY version, check it out.

Mossimo jacket - Target - $6.58
Shirt - A'Gaci Too - $6.50
Jeans - DG2 (Diane Gilman from HSN) - Restyle Consignment - $12.00
gomax oxfords - Restyle Consignment - $10.00
Necklace - thrifted

Have a GREAT weekend!


DCA - Turq. Ruffles --- 5.10.12

Hello! Hello! I meant to post this last night, but got tired. Here's me in all my glory from yesterday. Check it out.

Dress - Dots - $19.80
Material Girl shoes - Macy's - $23.80
Silver necklace - thrifted from Salvation Army - half off $6.99
Watch - bday gifted


Thursday, May 10, 2012

NON-thrift shopping, LOL --- 5.9.12

Soooo...yesterday I had lunch w/a close GF of mine, and SHE (Ok! Ok! And me too! LOL) wanted to stop by Ross after we ate lunch. *sigh* One of my fave dept. stores. Soooo....here are the few things I picked up. I blame her. LOL

Cristinelove maxi dress - $10.99

Karin Stevens KL COLORFUL dress - $14.99

JS cork wedges - $25.99

Annnnddddd....since I still had shoes fever, LOL, I stopped by Burlington after work and picked these COLORFUL babies up, OMG! I love them!

Bolaro By Summer Rio COLORFUL wedges - $19.99

Woo! I'm SO GLAD tomorrow is TGIF! I'm ready for the weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.