I'm QUITE NEW to the blog world, and a LOT nervous about doing this! After much thought and talking it over with my 2 favorite FASHION DIAVS, I'm DOING IT (like Nike!) LOL I welcome any feed back (good or bad! LOL), so feel free to do so. Thank YOU for checking out my NEW blog!

Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out my blog.


Friday, April 27, 2012

DCA & TGIF!!!! Lots of BRIGHT Colors! 4.27.12

Woooo! What a LONG week this has been, I'm so GLAD today is FRIDAY! I could use a couple of days off, but once again, I have a pretty busy weekend, GEEZ! LOL Such is my life. :) Check me out today.

 Dress - WOW, I've had it so long, I really don't remember....LOL
SBICCA of California wedges - Ross - $16.99
Necklace - old
Cato watch (can't see)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Top Drawer Thrift (TDT) Thursday Thrifting Goodies --- 4.26.12

I hadn't been to TDT in a lil' while, and I know at the end of every month they have HALF OFF their clothes/shoes/jewelry. So, why not stop by! LOL Here's what I picked up, yay for me!!! The prices posted is what I paid after the half off deduction.

City Triangles KL dress - $2.50

Jones New York KL dress - $4.00

Nine West KL skirt - $3.00

Tomato holder, been looking for one of these FOREVER!!! - $1.00 (not on sale)

Kitty mirror (reminded of my kitty Smokey, he'll always look over me. *tear*) I hung it up in my cube here at work. :) - $2.00 (also not on sale, but HAD to have it!)

Sooo, my GRAND TOTAL for all these FAB pieces was....*drum roll pls.* $13.53! SCORE!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

DCA - Orange Florals & Yella, LOL --- 4.26.12

Shew! So I DL'ed Mozilla Firefox (talked to my fave IT guy! LOL), and can STILL post my DCAs from work, YAY! LOL I'm in Spring mode today, hope you enjoy my look. :)

Cardi - old
Dress - Rainbow - $10.00
Cato wedges - $12.99
Same watch & earrings as yesterday...LOL

Happy Thursday to you ALL! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DCA - Dots Everywhere! 4.25.12

Ugh! My job is SLICK! LOL Now I have to post my DCAs from home (which is fine, IF I'm not too tired by the time I get home). Not sure I can DL Google Chrome to work computer (I just may ask one of our IT guys! LOL) Oh well, such is life. LOL Check my look out for HUMP DAY! :)

Dress - Rainbow - on sale for $7.00
Jacket - Dots - on sale for $9.00
Gold nail head huggie hoops - thrifted from Savers (I think) - $3.99
Cato watch
Guess PTPs (peep toe pumps) - Marshalls - $22.00

Hope yall had a GREAT Wed. I had food/drinks w/some of my GFs @ Cheddar's after work, we ALWAYS have so much fun! Love my friends! <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TTS Thrifting, YIPPEE!!! 4.23.12

Soooo.....I had NOT planned on stopping by TTS yesterday after work to check out their $.99 sale, but after the day I had I needed some 'retail' therapy. I did pick up a few things (will post pics later), spent $20something up in there, but got some REALLY nice things.

Stay tuned.....


7:17pm CST...LOL As promised, here are my thrift buys from yesterday.

Talbots mint grn pants - $6.98

Sandra Darren KL dress - $6.98

En Focus Studio KL dress - $4.98

Marty Gutneacher KL dress - $2.98

Pink & blk skinny belt - $1.98

Ugh! I hate/LOVE this store! LOL Yesterday's $.99 tags were blue, I didn't luck up on any (that I liked) or was too late to the game! :) Oh well. Oh, my total for yesterday's thrifting was a WHOPPING $25.87. Not too bad, since I think I got some pretty nice pieces. :)

Have a wonderful evening! 

DCA - Neon & Navy Stripes Anyone? 4.24.12

Good afternoon TO YOU! LOL I'm late in posting....woke up late, try 7:02am, and supposed to be at work at 7:30, so YEAH! I called in, told them I'd be late. LOL I was NOT about to RUSH to get here, so I took my time. I had this 'fit planned out already, yay for me. Check me out.

John Roberts ADULT onesie - thrifted from TTS - $4.98
Belt - also thrifted from TTS (can't recall the price)
geena gold shoes - Shoe Time - $18.99
Gold knot earrings - thrifted from Savers - $2.99

Shew! Today is better than yesterday...hope you're having a nice day as well. :) SHOUT OUT to Nicole (again) for the 'gold' idea. I did NOT wear the navy belt that came w/it, and gold looks REALLY good w/this 'fit. THANKS AGAIN!

Monday, April 23, 2012

DCA --- Confetti Everywhere! 4.23.12

Good LATE morning! I hope & pray everyone had a GREAT weekend! My weekend was busy again, I was in one of my close GF's wedding on Saturday, so Friday was the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, etc. etc., then she got married on Saturday! She was a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! <3 FULL DAY, no doubt, but I'm so happy for her! <3 Check me out today..... :)

Confetti dress on rack....LOL

And on me! :)

George dress - thrifted from TTS - $4.98
Jessica Simpson (JS) shoes - Ross - $16.99
Gold bamboo hoop earrings - One of my jewelry boxes...LOL
Cato watch

I hope everyone is having a NICE Monday, I'm struggling today.... *sigh*

Friday, April 20, 2012

DCA & TGIF!!!! Get these leaves OFFof me! LOL --- 4.20.12

Grrr.... Not that I woke up late, but this is NOT what I had 'planned' on wearing. A dress is always an EASY "go to" fix (for me, LOL). Just grab one & go! LOL Anyhoo, here's me today. :)

Dress - old, I think from Ross
Tank top - old
SM New York gold glitterati wedges - Sears - $17.99
Same earrings & watch as yesterday, too lazy to repost them. LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dangerous Curves Ahead (DCA) --- 4.19.12

Soooo.....I wanted to come up w/a 'unique' name for my daily OOTDs. I'll try this DCA out for now, see how I like it, etc. LOL Here's what I have on today.

F21 dress - thrifted from Savers - $9.99

Nine & Co. shoes - JCP - $39.99

SS CZ studs

Cato watch - was on sale for $6.99

CZ necklace

I had asked one of my close friends Nicole for some help (jacket/shoes). She came up w/cobalt blue, and I MUST SAY, I LOVE HOW this look turned out! Thanks NICOLE!! <3

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hump Day Me ---- 4.18.12

Good afternoon!!! SHEW! So glad it's almost my lunch hour, I'm hungry! LOL Here's what I wore to work today.

Dress - Thrifted from TTS - $4.98

Armitron watch - bday gifted

Steve Madden blk patent PT pumps - thrifted from Savers - $12.99

Simple black ball earrings.  :)

Happy HUMP DAY everyone!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday FUNDAY Thrifting @ TTS --- 4.16.12

Yup. Yesterday was Monday, and Tx. Thrift Store (TTS) has their weekly $.99 sale. Yesterday it was the white tags, so I got lucky & found a few, YAY for me! LOL I almost hate going after work, b/c most of the GOOD STUFF is already picked over (i.e. GONE!), but for WHATEVER reason, I always leave that place with SOMETHING! :)

John Roberts navy blue (looks black, dang cam.!) & lime green ADULT onesie - $4.98

George (Wal-Mart) s/l dress - also $4.98

Countess Custom l/s button down - WHITE TAG - $.99

I LOOOVVEEEEDDDD the sleeve tips on this white button down, ALSO white tag - $.99

Croft & Barrow mint button down - $.99

Worthington (JCP) Paisley imprinted l/s button down - POW! $.99

I feel IN LOVE (LOL!) w/this Gianna l/s HEART PRINTS button down - $3.98

Another Croft & Barrow b&w button down - $2.98

This was a simple white screen T, but I loved the saying, LOL! - $1.98

WOOT! WOOT! I did go a lil' crazy @ TTS yesterday, but ALL OF THIS for only $24.75.....SOOO worth it! :)

Nite! Nite!

A Bouquet of Flowers.....4.17.12

Yes! That's ME today, or at least my dress & earrings. LOL

Dress - Ann Taylor Loft thrifted from Texas Thrift Store - half off $9.98
Delicious shoes - Burlington - $14.99
Earrings - I don't remember....LOL

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Tuesday! :-) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

I should NOT be off on Fridays....LOL 4.13.12

So I took OFF on this day, a DAY JUST FOR & ABOUT ME!! :) I had lunch @ Blue Star Cafe, then went shopping at ATown, Restyle, & Next To New Consignment. Check out my buys:

Red dominoes earrings, yellow butterfly earrings frm Atown - both $5.00, yay! SO CUTE, had to have them!