I'm QUITE NEW to the blog world, and a LOT nervous about doing this! After much thought and talking it over with my 2 favorite FASHION DIAVS, I'm DOING IT (like Nike!) LOL I welcome any feed back (good or bad! LOL), so feel free to do so. Thank YOU for checking out my NEW blog!

Thanks a million for stopping by and checking out my blog.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just a few things.....LOL

Did a LEETLE shopping, here's what I picked up.....

From June 13th, Salvation Army:
"Millenium" KL dress - 1/2 off $6.29

"Ann Taylor Loft (ATL)" blk dress - 1/2 off $6.29  

Fish earrings for mom (1/2 off $2.99), gold nuggets for me (1/2 off $3.99)

GRAND TOTAL spent was a mere $10.58, YES!

From June 16th from TCT:
"Jones Wear Dress" KL dress - $5.00

Loved this top, $3.00

Got both of these from TCT, for a cool $8.66!!!

Also later that day, mom & I stopped by Goodwill (GW) & I picked 5 TOTALLY cool coffee mugs & a wooden cross, spent another $8 & some change!

I.Love.Thrifting. <3

Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Sayings/Posts that spoke VOLUME to me....

I'm in 100% agreement! The 1st one takes me back to my childhood.... Ohhh, the good old days, LIFE was easy-breezy back then. :)


 Love these, and I hope you do too. :)

DCA & YES! TGIF!!! MOSTLY mint, a lil' black & white, & African FEET! 6.15.12

Yay! It's FINALLY Friday, and I have a 4-day weekend! WOOT! WOOT! I'll be short & sweet! I built my outfit around the shoes, THAT'S a first for me! LOL Hope you enjoy, check me out!

Jacket - I think thrifted
Shirt - Papaya - $5.99
Jeans - thrifted from Savers - $5.99
Bolero by Summer Rio wedges - Burlington - $19.99
Earrings - old
SS CZ necklace - either QVC or HSN (don't remember price)

Have a SAFE & BLESSED weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DCA - Yellow, Gray, & White. 6.13.12

Hello, and happy HUMPING day to you!!!! Half way thru the week, shew! And I have a 4-day weekend coming up, I so need it, just wish I was traveling somewhere...Hmmm. LOL Check me out!

 "Margaret Frances" dress - thrifted from TTS - 1/2 off $6.98 (I stalked this dress! LOL)
Blue skin't belt - thrifted
Nine & Co. shoes - JCP - $39.99
Gold earrings - thrifted from Savers (I think) - $2.99 or $3.99
Silver collar necklace

Bye! Bye!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thrifting, Ross, and Tarjay...LOL 6.12.12

My few goodies these past 2 or few days:

From June 7th:
"CL by Laundry" jellies from Ross - $9.99

From June 11th:
"Soprano" KL dress from TTS - $6.98

And today, June 12th:
"madden girl" shoes from Ross - $12.99

"xhilaration" TEAL PT ankle straps from Tarjay (Target, LOL) - $24.99

I need to stop....LOL

DCA - Colored Dots Galore! 6.12.12

Good morning to YOU! I am feeling pretty GOOD myself, hence my colorful DRESS/outfit today! Hope you enjoy, check me out!

Jacket - Dots (can't remember price)
K & Company dress - FTC - $9.59
Pink sash belt - from another dress...LOL  
X-Appeal shoes - Rack Room Shoes - $19.99
SS round CZ necklace - QVC
Wooden earrings - $1.99 (set of three)
Bracelets - Dots - $1.50 & $1.75/ea.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Past few days of shopping.....

From June 6th:
2 dresses ("Sunkissed" crm left-side butterfly print maxi (sale price $6.99); "One Clothing" teal DEEP v-neck KL ($8.99) from Ross - $17.30

"Isaac Mizrahi for Target" blk pleated KL skirt (1/2 off $4.29); 2 dresses ("Ruby Rox" blk w/red & wht floral print (1/2 off $6.29); "Wet Seal" crm w/turq & orange floral print v-neck KL (1/2 off $6.29); 2 prs. earrings (one 1/2 off $.99; other 1/2 off $3.99) from Salvation Army - $9.65

From June 7th:
2 coffee mugs ("Virgo" (my sign) & "Majestic", both $1.00) & a shot (ED's Bar! LOL Those are my actual initials, so I HAD to have it! only $.50) from Assist League Thrift Store - $2.71

"Esley" coral w/crm trim spagh strap pleated KL dress from Restyle - $22 (was ORIG. $68!), yay me! LOL

"Alyx dress" s/s orange multi-colored horiz lined KL dress ($9.99) (wearing it today! LOL) & CL by Chinese Laundry dk gray w/silv glitter open-toe (OT) low heel jellies ($9.99) from Ross - $21.62

2 coffee mugs (1 for mom; yellow star print "World's Greatest" ($1.00/ea.), small ceramic tea cup ($.50), blue "China Doll" egg holder ($1.50), l/s dk green 3-button front shirt (25% off $5.00), "Lipstick" lt blue spagh strap tie-front v-neck crinkle bottom KL dress ($5.00) from TDT - $13.39

From June 8th:
"Snap" BRIGHT orange spagh strap ruffle neck KL dress from Marshalls - $15.00

2 perfumes ("Kitty Girl", impression of Katy Perry's Purr ($4.99); "Sassy" rollerball ($2.99), "Cato" s/l salmon colored w/BEAUTIFUL decorated neck mini crinkle 3-tiered KL dress ($14.99) from Cato - $24.87

I may get up off my LAZY BUTT when I get home, LOL, and post the pics. We shall see! LOL


2 DCAs - Chains Hanging & BRIGHT Orange! 6.8.12 & 6.11.12

Howdy! LOL I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend, I sure did. Had a friend in from out of town, girls dinner on Saturday, and MMM MMM fun yesterday! I wouldn't change it up for a thing! Anyhoo, here are my DCAs from Fri. & today, check me out!

Chain T-shirt - NV21 - $15.00
Jeans - OLD
NN heels - $15.99
Cato watch - $6.99


Alyx dress - Ross - $9.99
Orange skin't belt - thrifted - probably $1.99
Brown bead hoops - old
Joey O PTPs - Ross - $11.99
Cato watch - $6.99

Have an AWESOME Monday!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DCA - So COLORFUL!!!! 6.6.12

OMG! I'm feeling REALLY good about today's DCA, as it has gotten TONS of compliments, even from total strangers. :) Check me out!

Worthington dress - JCP - $30
Gold bracelet & earrings - my jewelry boxes...LOL (don't remember)
Worthington color blocked shoes - JCP - $35

Thanks for stopping by! :) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DCA - Yellow & Cream Florals! 6.5.12

Hello! Hello! Been a few days, but I'm back. I had JURY DUTY yesterday, but LUCKILY I did NOT get picked. I was down at the courthouse damn near ALL.DAY., but I'd rather that, then GET selected! LOL Hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did! Here's me today, check me out!

Cardi - thrifted (old)
Dress - Ross - $6.99
Thin leather belt - NN - $5.99
Fioni wedges - PL - $13.99???? (old, had these forever)

Happy Tuesday!!! :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

DCA - White & Blue (no red! LOL) 6.1.12

Happy new month of June 1st! LOL I hope everyone is having a GREAT day. It's Friday, it's also PAY DAY for me, so yay! The pkg. lot is EMPTY, feels like another holiday weekend almost. LOL Anyhoo, check me out!

Nicola shirt - thrifted from TTS - $1.98
Jeans - Cato - $9.99
"E" stud earrings
BIG AZZ butterfly headband - I think Burlington - $3.99??
Quipid shoes - Shoe Time - $19.99
"e" sterling silver necklace - Ugh! Can't remember....LOL
Cato watch (pretty much wear this one every day! LOL)

TGIF! Have an AWESOME weekend! :)