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Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday Thrifting ---- Mar. 16th

Well, I took off work EARLY @ 3:30pm on Friday. I had stopped by Texas Thrfit Store (blue tags were HALF OFF!) earlier on my lunch hour, picked up a few things. I hope to post the actual pics later on, DA** home computer was acting a donkey yesterday.

I got:
2 dresses
Ann Taylor blk w/wht polka dots dress - half off $9.98
S/S BRIGHT orange dress - $3.98

2 jackets
L/S lime green 3-button front jacket - half off $4.98
Willie Smith leop print jacket - half off $9.98

8 lovely shirts
Apt. 9 s/s multi-colored button down - half off $4.98
Jones NY Signature l/s brown floral print button down - half off $4.98
Rockies Jeanswear l/s shiny tan button down - $3.98
S/L white crinkle - half off $4.98
S/L gold crinkle - half off $4.98
3/4 slv blue, green, white floral print button down - $3.98
L/S red button down - $3.98
L/S fuch tie-neck button down - $3.98


  1. Those are great prices. I enjoy thrifting as well.I haven't done any lately but they have great finds in thrift stores. People really sleep on the gems that can be found in them.:)

    1. Thanks again Nickey, and thank you soooo much for checking out my blog. :-)