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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday Shopping Thrift Store Goodies - Salvation Army - Mar. 14, 2012

Every Wednesday Salvation Army has HALF OFF
their clothes/shoes/accessories, soooo... I stopped by there this past Wed., and left w/these beauties:

White earrings - $.99 (half off this price)
Pink earrings - $1.99 (half off this price)
Circle earrings - $.99 (half off this price)
Necklace - $4.99 (half off this price! YAY!)

And 2 pairs of pants, black floral lace skirt from Sal Val. :)

Off white pants - $4.29 (half off)
Red pants - $5.29 (half off)
Long black floral lace skirt - $4.29

I spent a GRAND total of $12.32 for all these items, YAY! I love thrifting!

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