I'm QUITE NEW to the blog world, and a LOT nervous about doing this! After much thought and talking it over with my 2 favorite FASHION DIAVS, I'm DOING IT (like Nike!) LOL I welcome any feed back (good or bad! LOL), so feel free to do so. Thank YOU for checking out my NEW blog!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

2 DCAs - Chains Hanging & BRIGHT Orange! 6.8.12 & 6.11.12

Howdy! LOL I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend, I sure did. Had a friend in from out of town, girls dinner on Saturday, and MMM MMM fun yesterday! I wouldn't change it up for a thing! Anyhoo, here are my DCAs from Fri. & today, check me out!

Chain T-shirt - NV21 - $15.00
Jeans - OLD
NN heels - $15.99
Cato watch - $6.99


Alyx dress - Ross - $9.99
Orange skin't belt - thrifted - probably $1.99
Brown bead hoops - old
Joey O PTPs - Ross - $11.99
Cato watch - $6.99

Have an AWESOME Monday!


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