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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just a few things.....LOL

Did a LEETLE shopping, here's what I picked up.....

From June 13th, Salvation Army:
"Millenium" KL dress - 1/2 off $6.29

"Ann Taylor Loft (ATL)" blk dress - 1/2 off $6.29  

Fish earrings for mom (1/2 off $2.99), gold nuggets for me (1/2 off $3.99)

GRAND TOTAL spent was a mere $10.58, YES!

From June 16th from TCT:
"Jones Wear Dress" KL dress - $5.00

Loved this top, $3.00

Got both of these from TCT, for a cool $8.66!!!

Also later that day, mom & I stopped by Goodwill (GW) & I picked 5 TOTALLY cool coffee mugs & a wooden cross, spent another $8 & some change!

I.Love.Thrifting. <3

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