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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Shopping.....JCP & Cato 5.30.12

Or should I say, as I posted on my FB page, EoTM (end of the month! LOL) shopping! LOL It was another WARM day here in Austin, BUT! I didn't feel like coming straight home, ANNNNDDDD....I saw a cute red pleated dress on-line earlier @ JCP, so I was on the hunt. NO LUCK! :( But I did find some other great stuff, then swung by Cato.....*sigh* See my goodies below.

 From Cato:

ALL 3 prs of these shoes from Cato were ON SALE for $9.99 (orig. $19.99, marked down to $14.99, then BOOM! $9.99!). I was SHOCKED they still had my size....*swoon* They were MEANT for me to buy! LOL :)

From JCP:
Worthington KL dress, saw this baby last time I was in JCP, I was NOT letting it get away this time - $30. I may even wear it backwards, cool zip-up. LOL

bailey girl KL dress - WOOT! WOOT! $11.00! I love all things crinkle, and this dress was/is SOOO pretty! I JUST may wear it tomorrow!

City Street PTPs - ON SALE, YES, for $17.00. I fell IN LOVE w/the heel on these, they look DA BOMB on, and the price made it all the more better!!! <3

Woo! 2-more days till PAYDAY, goodness! Means more shopping!!!! LOL

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