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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Did I say I LOVE Thrifting???? :)

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope we ALL had a GREAT Memorial Day (MD) weekend. Mine was pretty good, esp. yesterday w/ALL the MD sales, WOO! I may have gotten a late start, due to AUNT FLOW arriving, but I did get out some, in the TEXAS heat, and picked up a few things. Well, over the past couple of days...LOL Too lazy to post actual pics AGAIN (will get better!), even tho' I just put new batteries in my digi cam. *sigh*

From May 26th
3 dresses ("K & Company" blk w/lime grn/wht/peach/turq dotted KL (9.59); "La Belle" s/l brn & turq bamboo print KL ($7.57); "Ariella" s/l fuch v-neck KL ($2.92) from FTC - $21.74

From yesterday's MD sales May 28th
2 dresses (WOO! I'm DEF buying a TON of dresses for the upcoming AND ALREADY HERE HOT Summer months! LOL) ("Necessary Objects" s/l blk/dk red/fuch/lt pink/salmon diag print v-neck KL; "Ronni Nicole by Ouida" s/s blk w/wht vine & floral print China Girl long from FTC - $11.20

2 dresses ("Forever" s/s red w/embroided mid-section KL (1/2 off $9.99); "Glamour" blk s/l 5-tier upper front-to-back maxi (1/2 off $5.99), clothes for LJ from Savers - $15.70

"Bisou Bisou" strapless flame colored KL tie back dress (1/2 off $6.98), "Cato" blk/wht square print maxi skirt (1/2 off $2.98), "Curducci" s/s blk/wht/turq horiz striped clipped v-neck shirt (1/2 off $2.98), misc. things, clothes for LJ from TTS - $12.90

Wooo! Weeee! I need to SLOW my role, my apartment is ALREADY out of closet space....or maybe I have too many clothes....LOL


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