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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wooo, I've been MIA, my bad!! LOL 5.8.12

Well HELLO THERE everyone! Hope you all have been doing WELL since my last post. LIFE stepped in, I was going thru some things, etc. etc., but I'm back to my CHIPPER self again. I did a LITTLE shopping during my hiatus, so GIT READY!

Frm April 27th (never got around to posting these, WOOPS!) LOL
Carlos by Carlos Santana, YES! Got these during the Macy's F&F deal, so YAY! They were orig. $69, price tag was 30% off $48.30, MY PRICE was $36.23!!!! :)

Another LOVELY pair from Macy's F&F. Orig. $39, price tag was 30% off $27.30, and my price was $20.48, SCORE! LOL

Another pair of Guess shoes for me. *sigh* I got these from Marshalls, peep the tag, WOO! HOO!, $22.00

From May 1st, stopped by TTS, it was PAY DAY!!! :)
Connected Apparel KL dress - $4.98

Olivia Matthews KL dress - half off $6.98 (green tagged, was half off that day!)

From May 3rd
No pics, but I stopped by Salvation Army & picked up 2 eggs s&p shakers that came in a nest, and some "chick" drinking glasses. I spent a WHOPPING $3.23, yay me! LOL

Same day, I made a pit stop by Savers, picked these up.

Picadilly Fashion s/s shirt - $5.99

White faux pearl & gold chain link necklaces - $2.99/ea., LOVE!

I spent $16.19 on this thrift run, I also got some things for mom & LJ.

From TODAY, May 8th
Sooo, I stopped by TTS store today, WHY! WHY! WHY!!!! I had a handful of LOTS of orange tagged shirts (they were half off), then I rolled on over to the dresses, and GAME OVA!

Metro 7 KL dress - $4.98

Close-up detail of dress, SO PURTY!!!

Cute l/s clover-ish print KL dress - $4.98

Liz Lange l/s KL dress - HALF OFF $4.98 (orange tag sale)

Leslie Fay l/s dress - half off 4.98 
This dress looks so vintage, with the RIGHT shoes/accessories, YES INDEED!!! It came w/a matching belt, but nah, going to switch it up.

Ann Taylor Loft (ATL) s/l shirt - half off $4.98

Woo! Today's spending tally was only $18.87, GOSH I love thrifting! :)

Almost my bed time, so NIGHTY-NIGHT!

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