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Monday, April 16, 2012

I should NOT be off on Fridays....LOL 4.13.12

So I took OFF on this day, a DAY JUST FOR & ABOUT ME!! :) I had lunch @ Blue Star Cafe, then went shopping at ATown, Restyle, & Next To New Consignment. Check out my buys:

Red dominoes earrings, yellow butterfly earrings frm Atown - both $5.00, yay! SO CUTE, had to have them!

*In memory of Smokey*
Black cat light up eyes key chain also from Atown, $3.50. Reminded me of my cat Smokey, who is now in kitty heaven....*tear*

DG Diane Gilman (HSN) hot pink jeans - Restyle - $12.00
gomax cream lace oxfords - Restyle - $13.00

Close up of my oxfords....LOOOOVVEEEEE! <3

I got a COW & PIG salt & pepper shakers from Next To New, no pics, but only $8.00!

Yay for Friday's shopping!

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