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Monday, April 9, 2012

Post work....YUP....Thrifting ---- 4.9.12

Soooo....my friend Jay texted me earlier and told me that Texas Thrift Store's $.99 sale today were the ORANGE TAGS.  I just HAD to stop by there, to see what I could find.....LOL

Jordan bow tie & dit dot button down - was NOT on sale, but only $3.98.

YES! This Talbot's denim shirt had an orange tag, so a WHOPPING $.99!

Can't go wrong w/stripes, right? And WOOT! WOOT! This Lauren Ralph Lauren wassss...OH YEAH (orange tag), $.99 also!!!!

Another orange tag, cute J.A.C. basic top, $.99.

I was DIGGIN' thru the racks, looking for orange tags! LOL This DDC neon green was lastly, $.99.

I spent an EXTREME total of $8.60. :-)

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