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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today was Savers turn for THRIFTING --- 4.10.12

Since it's ALWAYS so pretty when I get off work, I'm in NO RUSH to come straight home. I swung by Savers, and YES! Orange tags (LOL, again!) were half off. Not $.99 like Texas Thrift Store's from yesterday, but still -- A SALE IS A SALE! I picked up these two, YES, ORANGE dresses. :)

This Lush dress had an orange tag, so it was half off of $6.99, yay!

I 'almost' didn't buy this F21 dress, its tag was grey, and WAS ONLY $9.99, but still. LOL ONCE I tried it on....GAME OVA! I loved it.

Today's thrifting TALLY was $14.60, still not too bad.

Tomorrow is Salvation Army's every Wednesday HALF OFF sale for clothes, shoes, jewelry.... *sigh* I'll be stopping by there after work as well. LOL :) Still on the hunt for a black pencil skirt and a couple of pairs of red pants. The ones from before....DID NOT work for me.


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