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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TTS Thrifting, YIPPEE!!! 4.23.12

Soooo.....I had NOT planned on stopping by TTS yesterday after work to check out their $.99 sale, but after the day I had I needed some 'retail' therapy. I did pick up a few things (will post pics later), spent $20something up in there, but got some REALLY nice things.

Stay tuned.....


7:17pm CST...LOL As promised, here are my thrift buys from yesterday.

Talbots mint grn pants - $6.98

Sandra Darren KL dress - $6.98

En Focus Studio KL dress - $4.98

Marty Gutneacher KL dress - $2.98

Pink & blk skinny belt - $1.98

Ugh! I hate/LOVE this store! LOL Yesterday's $.99 tags were blue, I didn't luck up on any (that I liked) or was too late to the game! :) Oh well. Oh, my total for yesterday's thrifting was a WHOPPING $25.87. Not too bad, since I think I got some pretty nice pieces. :)

Have a wonderful evening! 

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