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Friday, April 27, 2012

Top Drawer Thrift (TDT) Thursday Thrifting Goodies --- 4.26.12

I hadn't been to TDT in a lil' while, and I know at the end of every month they have HALF OFF their clothes/shoes/jewelry. So, why not stop by! LOL Here's what I picked up, yay for me!!! The prices posted is what I paid after the half off deduction.

City Triangles KL dress - $2.50

Jones New York KL dress - $4.00

Nine West KL skirt - $3.00

Tomato holder, been looking for one of these FOREVER!!! - $1.00 (not on sale)

Kitty mirror (reminded of my kitty Smokey, he'll always look over me. *tear*) I hung it up in my cube here at work. :) - $2.00 (also not on sale, but HAD to have it!)

Sooo, my GRAND TOTAL for all these FAB pieces was....*drum roll pls.* $13.53! SCORE!!!


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